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Calabasas Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lumbar SpineWe are proud to be called “Personal Injury Lawyers” because we take pride in providing top quality legal services to people at a time when they need help the most. When you are injured or mourning the death of loved one, you need to focus on healing while your experienced personal injury attorneys focus on getting you the best recovery possible.

The term “personal injury” is a wide ranging term. Generally speaking, a person who is injured as a result of a negligent act of another has a personal injury case. It is important to recognize that not all injury cases are alike. The nature of the injury and circumstances in which it occurred must be carefully evaluated to determine the correct course action.

At the Halpern Law Firm we have vast experience with all types of personal injury cases, from car accident, trucking accident, bus accident, slip and falls, dangerous condition cases to medical negligence, elder abuse and government tort claims (injury cases filed against a government agency).

If you have been injured and need legal representation, contact the Halpern Law Firm immediately so we can take action to make sure you obtain the best recovery possible for your case. In order to do that – we need to hear from you!

Contact the Halpern Law Firm at (818) 785-5999 for a Free No-Risk Confidential Consultation.

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