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How Expert Witnesses Help With Car Accident Cases

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An expert witness is someone who testifies as to their opinion about a given matter, as opposed to testifying about their personal observations. Someone who saw your car accident happen may be called as a fact witness to testify about what they observed. An expert, on the other hand, will rely on evidence in the record, their own research, and science or technical information to provide an opinion on a technical or scientific matter relevant to your case. There are a number of different experts who may be called in a car accident case, each of whom can help your case in different ways. Below, we discuss a few different types of expert witnesses and how they might aid your traffic accident claims. If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Southern California, reach out to an experienced Calabasas car accident injury attorney to help you strengthen your case and maximize your recovery.

Traffic and Automotive Experts

In complex car crash cases, such as when there was a multiple-car pileup, it can be difficult to determine whose conduct actually led to the accident. Traffic and automotive experts can be utilized to help determine causation and fault. Engineers, automotive experts, and other parties may be called upon to recreate the circumstances of your car crash in order to determine how the accident occurred and, in turn, who may be to blame.

Traffic engineers, police officers, and other experts in traffic safety may review traffic camera footage, tire tracks, and other evidence to determine the sequence of events that led to an accident. An automotive expert may likewise help to determine how an accident occurred, including by evaluating whether the crash may have been caused by an automotive defect. Depending upon your attorney’s theory of how the car accident happened, several different experts may be employed to build the strongest argument for your case.

Medical Experts

Medical experts can be called to testify about many different aspects of your traffic accident case. Medical experts can testify about the extent of your injuries as well as the connection between your accident and specific injuries, affecting both causation and damages.

A medical expert, including your treating physician, may be called to explain the extent of your injuries to the jury. They can explain what you have endured thus far, including your functional limitations and level of pain, as well as the treatments you can expect in the future. The expert’s testimony will be used to establish the pain and suffering you have endured to date, the medical costs you have already endured, the functional limitations you have experienced, as well as your future estimated medical costs and long-term or permanent alterations to your life. If your physician believes you will be permanently disabled or otherwise affected by your accident-related injuries, they can explain the extent of your injuries and limitations to the jury.

Medical experts may also be called upon to connect any causal gaps in your injuries. If the defense, for example, tries to claim that you had a pre-existing back injury not caused by the car crash, you might need a medical expert to point out the damage specifically caused by the car accident, or to explain how the accident made your existing condition significantly worse.

Economists and Vocational Experts

In addition to experts retained to explain your medical condition or to recreate the circumstances of an accident, you may benefit from expert witnesses hired to explain the extent of your damages. An economist or vocational expert may be called upon to testify as to your reduced earning potential resulting from your injuries and disability. A vocational expert may testify about what expenses you will likely incur in retraining to reenter the workforce, or about your limitations on career paths following your injuries.

An expert witness may be able to testify about your anticipated loss of future career prospects and the resulting loss of future income. If you expect to lose out on a substantial source of income because of your injuries, you are entitled to compensation for that anticipated loss. Because such future earnings can be hard to calculate, an expert witness is often necessary to conduct the proper evaluations and calculations based on your previous earning potential and your current earning potential.

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