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$3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars) – Dangerous Condition of Public Property

Head on collision State Route 126.

Our client suffered server injuries when the car he a passenger in lost control and veered into on coming traffic where it was struck head on. We were unable to determine why the vehicle lost control since the driver was killed in the accident. However we were able to recover 3 million dollars for our client. We brought a lawsuit against the State of California for failing to install cross median barricades. Despite the States denials – we were able to establish, by examining over 300 traffic collision reports that the rate of cross over accidents exceeded the States guidelines. We then conducted depositions of CALTRANS traffic engineers. Through these efforts we were able to discover the existence of a “lost” memo. This memo directed CALTRANS to monitor the highway for cross over accident, and if these accidents continued a median barrier should be installed. This memo was our “smoking gun” as a result of our efforts the State conceded the dangerous nature of the highway and paid 3 million dollars to settle this case. Following the settlement it was reported that efforts will be made to install the long needed median barrier.

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